The Jesse Tree Advent Calendar & Printable

The Jesse Tree Advent Calendar & Printable

The Jesse Tree is a visual way of tracing the family tree of Christ back through the Old Testament. This biblical Advent calendar will enable you to prepare for Christmas, day by day, by finding out more about the men and women who were the ancestors of Christ. Each day includes a short explanation of the significance of each biblical saint, along with an image taken from a Catholic church from within Great Britain. 

New for Advent 2022, you’ll also find a free set of printable Jesse Tree ornaments with child-friendly reflections. You can print and cut out these 24 images, each picturing an ancestor of Christ or one of the prophets. Glue these colourful scenes on card (mounting the appropriate biblical quotation on the reverse), add some ribbon, and you’ll have a wonderful set of ornaments with which to decorate your Jesse or Christmas tree, day by day. It’s a great festive craft activity for children and adults alike.

You can explore the calendar and download the printable here.

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